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Oct. 9th, 2006 12:31 am

I'm in Ottawa.

That is all.

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Sep. 24th, 2006 05:24 pm

My location at work yesterday was a senior citizens home. (That's just where people had rented a lunch room, I'm not feeding the seniors). On the menu was several things that had to split my focus. I was cooking up the perogies on location in a frying pan, and at the other end of the line, I had to carve some flank steak for people as they came through the line. Everything was perfect, they gave me too few tables, but I improvised, and had the whole setup up perfectly. The first batch of the perogies came out perfectly. I put the second half in the frying pan just as people were coming up to the line, and I ran down to do some carving. This small batch of people would probably last just as long, I figured, to carve steak for as the perogies would take to cook. The line got bigger, though, and I forgot about the perogies. Then a loud beeping starts happenning. It's another minute before I realized that it's because I burned the perogies. Hardly any smoke is coming off of them, but the stupid retirement home's sensors are set to the maximum sensitivity. I grab the pan, and run for the exit, which is a long trek away, figuring get the smoke out of the building. Adrenaline was going, so I didn't even notice that I was burning my hand. I venture past a whole lot of angry-to-be-disturbed senior citizens milling around the way out, all giving me accusing looks and mutterring to each other "that's the one who set off the alarm, I bet." I drop the pan outside just in time to see about 5 fire trucks pulling up. I still have hungry people to serve, though, so I go back to the lunch room, stopping to tell the Locations Manager of the commercial I'm feeding what happenned. I get back to the lunch room, and of course there's a line waiting for steak. I start quickly carving everyone a piece, when someone comes up to me and says the fire trucks need me to move my van, so I have to make the walk of shame past the angry senior citizens again. And then again returning. The word in the lunch room was not good. The firetrucks cost money when they're called down for no good reason. I heard people say it's as low as 300 a truck, and other's saying it's as high as 1000. The old folks home wants the commercial to pay for it. The commercial wants ByDavid's to pay for it. So, I'm basically REALLY not looking forward to calling in work tomorrow morning to find out when I work. Fortunately, it looks like I'm probably not working tomorrow, so I'm going to take that opportunity to look for a new job. Hopefully, needing one is still my choice, not something thrust upon me.



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Sep. 10th, 2006 08:37 pm Yesterday's random adventure.

So, yesterday afternoon I went out to my car to find that I'd left the passenger side window open the night before. Living in downtown Toronto, this is never a good thing. The spare change on my dash was gone, mayber 50 cents altogether, and some papers that I had in the care had clearly been searched for hidden money in them, and left on the driver's seat. Just as well, I figured, got rid of that spare bunch of pennies, nickels, and times that make an annoying sound as they vibrate on the dash as the car drives. It was, however, very creepy the first few minutes driving the car knowing that someone random had been in there, who knows how recently, and had gone through my pictures of Kris that I keep in there. For the most part, though, I'm thinking "got out of that one scot free."

When I was on my way home from where I was going that evening, though, I suddenly rememberred that my MP3 player was in the car. It was no longer on the passenger side seat, as I then recalled it being. It had, however, been some days since I noticed it, so I thought maybe I put it in my new place when I moved all sorts of other worldly possessions out of the car a few days earlier. So I hurry back to my apartment, which is a complete sty of unpacked stuff, and I can't find it, but in the sty, how much can that really mean.

A few hours go by, and it is now 10 at night, and I'm convinced it's not in the apartment. I for some reason talk myself into checking the car again, even though every bit of me is convinced that if it was in the car when whoever got in there was there, then it is gone. However, I go back, and to my surprise, hooray! My MP3 player is in some wierd crevace between the seat and the door. Whoever snuck in must have been in a hurry.

I notice on my way back from where I've parked (a few streets away) that in all my worry over my MP3 player, I've forgotten to eat most of the day, and I'm famished. Along my route was this place "Hero Signature Burger," which I found about a week ago has really awesome burgers. As I start into the place, this woman in her late 30s, maybe early 40s, stops me. She asks if I work there, I say no. She asks if I'm planning on eating there, I say yes. She wants to know if she can get my order and then sell it to me. What?

It seems that this lady has travelled accross town to get money from this guy who works there who owes her a lot of money. She was counting on that money to get her home. The guy didn't have the money, but said that he gets a free meal every shift, and offerred to give it to her as a sort of down-payment. She told him that she was meeting a friend who would probably want the meal, which she decided she'd find someone to sell it to to get her bus fare home. She's telling me all this super secretively, and in a very cloak and dagger style, like "we have to keep this secret, this is just between us, yada yada yada."

This all strikes me as very wierd, but I go along with it, and end up waiting for this meal with her for about 20 minutes, outside of the Hero Burger, as the paying customer's meals I guess got priority or something. While we wait, we talk, and I suddenly started getting this wierd vibe. Sure enough, this late-30s, early-40sish woman was hitting on me. Over the course of our conversation, she goes out of her way to mention that she's single, tries to get my phone number, mentions loving sex, and, oh yes, referred to me as "yummy" and that she could just "bite right into me." She also, after finding out that I lived in this area, mentionned that she was moving to this area soon, and wanted me to know that I'm invited up to her place any time.

While it's flatterring to be hit on, I feel like I suddenlly know what women are talking about when they feel harrassed by creepy old men. I still plan to become one when I'm old, but now I think I'll understand what my prey are going through when I do this.

I was torn. On the one hand, this was really creepy and I wanted to go. On the other hand, I felt bad for her that she needed this money to get home. Also on this other hand, I was hungry and wanted my hero burger. Eventually, her friend from the kitchen there brought out my burger, and I was free to go.

I left the area very creeped out, and overpaying for an order that is not quite what I asked for. As I left, she called after me "same time next week!" Remind me to leave the neighbourhood next Saturday at 1030 in the evening, or at least stay away from Hero Signature Burgers on that day.

And that was my wierd, creepy Saturday evening tale.

Oh, and for something completely different, I haven't written up here about the results of my call back. I held off on writing about it out of hope. See, they said they'd call me either way, but they haven't called yet, even though it's been 2 weeks. One of the two shows I know has already started rehearsing. So, I'm pretty sure I didn't get it, even though I never received a call. I'm kind of dissapointed in the guy, because he seemed so nice, I don't see why he'd lie about that. Too bad.

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Sep. 9th, 2006 10:54 pm Because I have no thoughts of my own, I'll post what everyone else is...

My Personality

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Aug. 23rd, 2006 12:24 am I signed a lease!

As of September First, you can find me on the third floor of 592 Queen St W, right at the corner of Queen and Bathurst! I'm moving in with my friend Dave McIntyre, who I know from Insight Theatre back in the day in Ottawa, as well as meeting up with him again in Windsor, where he was a couple of years ahead of me and became one of my favourite drinking buddies. Also, his birthday is the day after Elevator Expiry Date, so joint parties will take place.

Who likes pictures? (With captions!)Collapse )

People should totally visit me sometime, maybe have a beer on the patio.

EDIT: Oh, and this video is hilarious

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Aug. 9th, 2006 12:26 am Upsetting.

As tough as this is for me, I think I may have to boycott Girls Gone Wild. It pains me that this is what it comes to; a world where I can't watch videos of Mardi Gras girls showing their 18 year old breasts in exchange for a few measly trinkets. It should clear a good 7 hours out of my daily routine. However, it is necessary, after reading this LA Times story.

Don't worry about me; I'll find other porn.

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Jul. 29th, 2006 03:58 pm Snakes On A Plane

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Jul. 7th, 2006 02:10 am I'm worried that my position here may be closer to what Rachel's would be than I like to admit...

You are a

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Jun. 26th, 2006 04:19 pm Bungeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Well, I finally showed that while I am the biggest coward in the family, since it still took me the longest, it ain't by much, as I joined the likes of my Mom, my Dad, my Sister, and my Brother-in-Law as people who have bungee jumped. I think I regret it. The image of me falling helplessly haunts me whenever I close my eyes, never mind that in reality a few moments later the cord caught me perfectly.

W E I R D E D O U T ! ! !

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Jun. 17th, 2006 12:43 am Moving to Toronto, gonna eat a lot of peaches

So, I just got a job in Toronto, and I start Monday, so it's time to get my ass in gear and move down there. I'll be staying with my uncle temporarily while I look like mad for a place to live, preferably not too far a drive from my work.

The job?

I'l be a caterer with ByDavid's catering, a company that works film sets in the Toronto area. I get in in the morning, prepare all my platters, load them up in a company van, drive to the set, feed the actors and crew lunch, pack it all up, drive back, and clean up all my stuff, and that's my day. It's pretty sweet.

Anyhoo, Jiminwindsor is, I guess, Jimintoronto, though this journal name will not change.


Current Music: I Put a Spell on You, by CCR

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